I’m so glad that you’re here.

I’m Mark, a stay at home dad, proud father of two boys, would be amatuer actor and green living enthusiast. I am also the writer behind The Village Elder.

These days it’s the norm for dads to be involved in the housework but that wasn’t always the case. Think back to the movies of 1983.

Do you remember Mr Mom?

A man who when asked to look after his children while his wife went out to work, suddenly realised how difficult that could be. Well I was never quite that bad due to my “DIY” upbringing but it did give me an appreciation of the complexities of the job.Being the homemaker for so long I learnt a few things, attended a few “meetings” and was told a few more things!

Back then this made me a little wise to the shortcomings of the commercial markets and the greed of the governments of the time. The products we bought were full of toxic chemicals and the food was sprayed beyond an inch of its genetically modified life. So I decided that enough was enough and looked into changing to a safer, healthier, more planet friendly lifestyle.

I educated myself on living a better, healthier more sustainable lifestyle and soon began to experience the benefits of it. I became stronger, healthier, happier and less stressed than ever before. My family and friends noticed the difference and life became a joy of living for everyone as I was now a pleasure to be around.

Not only that but the best thing of all was that it was only a lifestyle change, nothing major and it was absolutely FREE! So now after all these enlightened years I have decided to share my experiences and secrets of the trade. To do that I am putting together, (with the help of a few friends), this website called The Village Elder. 


The Village Elder was always seen as the man or woman of the community who had built up life experiences and knowledge and could guide the community through its problems and woes. Today is no different. We all seek help and guidance on our path and wish to learn from the experience of others.

So if you’re looking for safer products and life tips for you and your family then this is the place to be. This site is dedicated to providing an honest platform for you to learn how to transform your life as I have done. I will be sharing my knowledge on natural cleaners, non-toxic products, safe essential oils and the latest trends. Plus a whole host of other stuff to set you on, or keep you on, your safe, healthy, non-toxic journey.

If you are just starting out on this journey then please remember that we all started somewhere and it’s the starting that’s the important bit. It’s a long road so take it slow, allow yourself the failures and remember this; it doesn’t need to be perfect.

It’s my hope and deepest wish that this site will inspire and help you to become a better you. I know that you, your family and the world around you will benefit from the hints and tips to be found here and little by little we can change the world. 

In conclusion may I just say:

Our future generations are looking to us to take action now so that they can be born to live and not born to simply exist in a barren world! I don’t want to be the one to poison the oceans and pollute the sky so my boys can look back and ask me. … WHY?

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
 – Margaret Mead